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Various Poker Games

August 29th, 2010 at 23:43

Are you aware about the diverse varieties of poker games available online? Texas Holdem is one of the most popular online games but there are other poker games as well. You can earn money as well as make new friends. It is good way of investing your time and money.

Cash Money PokerThis article will introduce you to a multitude of poker games. Omaha Poker game is quite different from Texas Holdem. This game is easily available in most of the poker rooms. When you would observe Omaha Poker game you will find it very similar to Texas Holdem poker game.

The distinct difference in the rules between Omaha and Texas Holdem is that the former is played with 4 cards and players need to use 2 cards from their hand. Many seasoned poker players prefer playing Omaha than Texas Holdem because you have four cards and your odds are better for winning a pot.

Have you heard about seven card stud poker?  Seven card stud poker was a popular game before the launch of Texas Holdem. There are no similarities between Texas Holdem and seven card stud poker except the rankings which are a constant factor in poker games.

This game involves four bets in each round which includes one bet and three raises. This game has many options for betting and winning the pot.

Five card stud poker is similar to seven card stud poker in diverse ways. There is a betting round after a new card is given to the players at the poker table. But there are a few dissimilarities as well.  Two cards are laid for the players one of the cards is face down and other is exposed to all. After the betting round there is another round in which cards are dealt which are exposed to everyone. Betting continues after the fourth card is laid. The final round of betting takes place after the fifth card is distributed to the players.

Another popular poker game is Razz. Razz is similar to seven card stud poker game in most of the spheres. The major difference in both the games is that players are aiming at getting the lowest hands on the poker table. In this game straights and Flush are not really counted against you. In the game of Razz the lowest hand is Ace, two, three, four and five. Ace is a low card in the game of Razz.

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